The Greens were founded on the vision of a robust and healthy environment. We'll always stand to protect our precious places now and for future generations.  It was one of our founding principles, and today it remains as important as ever. 

The Greens’ commitment to our precious places has never been more important. Around our nation our environment is being impacted by global warming, unsustainable development and mining and pollution - with the full support of the Liberal, National and Labor parties.

NSW’s environment is under threat from the most anti-environment government the State has seen. Our national parks have been declared open for shooters. Our marine environments are under threat. Species continue to vanish at record rates.

The Liberal, National and Labor parties refuse to admit that coal is a huge part of our global climate change problem. In doing so, they are signing the death warrants for some of our most precious natural places. They’re approving massive new mines, offshore drilling and new coal seam gas wells, and enjoy huge corporate donations from fossil fuel interests.

Our precious natural places are national icons. They’re internationally known, provide jobs and investment in our tourism sector and are the lifeblood of our communities. The Greens will not let them be lost to vested interests, a lack of political courage and an obsession with the industries of the past.

From St Peters to Northern NSW, we are working with communities to defend our land and water from gas mining. We are supporting sustainable, local food, and we are forming new alliances that can transform NSW.

Our plan for the environment would:

  • Close down coal-fired power stations in NSW by 2030.
  • Stand up for local communities against CSG mining.
  • End shooting in our national parks.
  • Put a price on pollution to reflect the full environmental, ecological and health costs.
  • Protect marine habitats and species through a system of marine parks.
  • Move towards a ‘zero waste’ society through recycling and waste minimisation strategies.

The Greens will proudly stand for the environment now and into the future.

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