We support class action against the federal Environment Minister

Today we express our gratitude to the incredible young climate activists for their courage and determination to take a class action against the federal Environment Minister for failing in her duty of care to protect them from climate change

A class action launched on behalf of young people everywhere seeks an injunction to stop the Australian Government approving an extension to Whitehaven's Vickery coal mine, arguing it will harm young people by exacerbating climate change.

According to legal experts, this action could break new legal ground with widespread ramifications, causing problems for any new coal mine in Australia, and possibly any fossil fuel project if it is successful.

For more details, check out this Guardian article here.

It's not enough for us to be 'inspired' by these young people. We need to join them. We cannot leave it to others to build the climate movement. Every single one of us has a responsibility to consider what is in our power to do, and to take action. Who can we influence? Where can we make change? Even better, how can we be part of making systemic changes? At work? In clubs or volunteer associations? And of course we need political action to implement the wide reaching changes to cutting emissions to zero.

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