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Add your name and call on the NSW Parliament to take urgent action to fix the rental crisis, including:

  • Freeze and cap rents
  • End unfair evictions
  • Allow pets in rentals
  • Ban rent bidding and intrusive rental applications
  • Massively invest in public, social, and affordable housing
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Freeze rent increases now

The cost of rent is out of control, evictions are on the rise, and too many renters are just one rent hike away from homelessness. 

This is a crisis, and it requires an urgent, emergency response.

The Greens have introduced an Emergency Rent Freeze Bill that would freeze rents for two years - to press pause on skyrocketing rent increases, relieve renters from the stress of worrying about unfair rent hikes, and keep people in their homes.  

A freeze on rents isn’t only possible, it’s urgently necessary. We need to make renting secure and affordable.

But every day the government refuses to act is another day that renters face eviction because of an unfair rent hike they can’t afford. 

Will you sign now to call on the government to freeze rents now?

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