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The Greens understand that public housing is a community priority and a government responsibility. Everyone deserves access to a safe and secure home. We have a plan to expand public housing, to provide a place for everyone on the waiting list.

For more than 100 years, government funded public housing has been available to low income earners in NSW. Government owned estates provided working class people, the elderly, new immigrants, young families, and working people in low-income, essential services the opportunity to live in our cities and regional centres, and participate in their local communities.

In recent decades we have seen a shift. Successive governments have under invested in maintaining safe, secure, affordable housing for low-income earners. Many public housing tenants suffer long standing issues around maintenance and safety.

Under both Labor and Liberal governments, public housing waiting and transfer lists in NSW have grown out of control.

There are almost 60,000 approved applications now on the Housing NSW list – that’s around 100,000 people waiting for a home. Some people are waiting for up to 10 years.

People who live in public housing face on-going challenges around safety issues, maintenance and redevelopment of their homes.  Many public housing tenants live with leaking roofs, broken stoves, mould, bed bugs and dodgy plumbing. Simple measures to improve safety are often ignored. Too much public housing, especially in our inner-city areas, is being sold off to developers for them to profit from.

We are calling on the NSW Government to:

  • Increase the number of public housing residences in inner-city Sydney and across NSW
  • Make sure on-going maintenance of public housing is a priority
  • Keep public housing residents safe with appropriate security measures
  • Stop the sell-off of public housing

The Greens are working with public housing communities across NSW.

  • The Greens have a plan to expand public housing and stop the selloff of inner city public housing properties.
  • In the NSW Parliament the Greens established an Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing that heard from public housing residents from across NSW and delivered 41 recommendations to Government to fix the housing system.
  • We supported residents at Millers Point who want to stay in their homes and we oppose the selloff of remaining properties.
  • The Newtown Electorate Office has assisted hundreds of public housing tenants with issues including maintenance, safety and relocation. We have taken the concerns of residents affected by the Waterloo development direct to the Minister for Housing and we are working with residents at Northcott to make sure the Government addresses their security concerns.
  • Our office sits on local Neighbourhood Advisory Boards (NABs) alongside tenant representatives and support services.
  • The NSW Greens submission to the 2020 follow up Review of the Management of NSW public housing maintenance contracts.

Public Housing issues in the Newtown Electorate:

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