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Dear Premier,


We the undersigned ask you to respect the contribution that those working in the public sector make to our state.


The cost of living is going up – but public sector wages are capped.


We urge you to scrap the public sector wage cap – because it’s clear the public sector needs a pay rise.


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Scrap the Public Sector Wage Cap

Tell the NSW Premier that it’s time to scrap the Public Sector Wage Cap. The cost of living is going up – but wages aren’t increasing. The financial pressure on workers in escalating, but instead of helping to ease this stress by raising public sector wages, the Liberal/National Government are more interested in granting pay rises for their political mates. 

The Greens know that our public sector workers – which include all of those nurses, midwives, health workers, paramedics, teachers, transport and front line workers who went above and beyond during the pandemic – deserve more than thanks. That’s why as a minimum we need the NSW state government to abolish the public sector wage cap.

In 2011, the NSW Liberal National Government legislated to keep Public Sector wages down, deciding that 2.5 per cent would be the maximum annual pay rise the Public Sector could claim without having to sacrifice working conditions. Eleven years later in 2022, they increased this by half a percent to 3 percent which is completely inadequate given the huge rises in the cost of living and inflation.  

The effect of inflation and the NSW Government’s cap on wage increases means that the real wages of all public sector workers have declined significantly especially in relation to the rising cost of living and inflation.

We've seen our teachers, nurses, paramedics and transport workers who've all worked tirelessly during the pandemic, now taking industrial action to highlight and get action from the government on the dire situation they are all facing with very low wages and unacceptable working conditions.

This situation has been compounded as public service workers only received a 0.3 per cent salary increase in 2020 due to the Government attempting to freeze Public Sector wages.

It's time to remove the public sector wage cap and pay people a wage that is fair and one that will allow them to pay their bills and at least keep up with the cost of living. 

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