Construction noise in Darlington

Residents in Darlington have contacted our office with complaints of unbearable noise from an Ausgrid construction site at Sydney University. Jenny has written to Ausgrid, Sydney University and raised the matter in Parliament in an attempt to resolve this as soon as possible.

Residents have told us that construction is occurring 24 hours a day.  Residents have tested the noise levels, which are exceeding 120db.  SafeWork Australia identifies that noise above 85 decibels is likely to cause permanent hearing loss, and recommends that ongoing noise levels should be kept to 70 decibels or lower.

Jenny has raised this matter in Parliament, giving notice of a motion on Tuesday 13 February, calling on the Government to intervene to halt the construction works until the safety of residents and workers can be ensured, with the following Notice of Motion:

That this House:
1. Notes reports from residents in Shepard Street, Calder Lane and Calder Road Darlington that they are currently being subjected to 24 hour construction noise exceeding 120 decibels, from construction works being done by Ausgrid and Sydney University.

2. Notes that Safe Work Australia identifies that ongoing noise above 85 decibels is likely to cause permanent hearing loss.

3. Calls on the Government to intervene to ensure Sydney University and Ausgrid immediately halt construction works until a work health and safety assessment has been conducted, and a solution can be found to ensure the safety of residents and construction workers.

Our office has also written to Ausgrid, and to the Vice Chancellor of Sydney University asking them to intervene.

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