COVID-19 information and contacts

We have developed a directory of contact details for health advice, income support, government services and assistance available regarding COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Disaster Payment:

This payment is available for workers who have been unable to earn income due to lockdown and is paid weekly following application. 

  • $450 if you have lost 8–20 hours of work per week or a full day of your usual work hours 
  • $750 if you lost more than 20 hours per week

Eligibility restrictions apply - but these have recently been expanded to include people who are already receiving a welfare payment. Find more information here and you can apply here.

Pandemic Leave:

If you can't earn an income because you must self-isolate or quarantine, or are caring for someone with COVID-19, you may be eligible for pandemic leave. Check out the details here. 

Support for Renters:

The NSW Government has introduced a new 60 day eviction moratorium for some tenants. The July 2021 Moratorium commenced on the 14th July 2021 and will end on the 11th September 2021. During this time landlords will be prevented from serving a notice of termination or making an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for rent arrears if the tenant is an 'impacted tenant', they have provided notice to the landlord they are an impacted tenant and they continue to pay at least 25% of the weekly rent. 

The Tenants Union provide one on one assistance for renters who need assistance to negotiate rent reductions and other tenancy issues. Contact the Tenants' Advice Line here or call 1800 251 101.

Grants are available for landlords who agree to reduce the rent of lockdown impacted tenants. Land tax relief is provided to landowners who reduce rent for COVID-19 affected tenants between 1 July and 31 December 2021 up to 100% of their 2021 land tax liability. Landowners who do not pay land tax can alternatively apply for up to $1500 grant per residential tenancy. Eligible landlords will receive grants within 60 days of their application.  

More information and applications here. 



COVID-19 Business Grants:

One-off tax-free grants of $7,500 to $15,000 are available depending on your business’s revenue decline in the first three week of the lockdown. Application open 19 July 2021. More information and applications here. 

Job Saver:

Tax-free payments of 40% of pre–COVID weekly payroll, from $1,500 to $10,000 per week (paid fortnightly) or $1,000 weekly for non-employing business are available. Payments will start late July 2021 and application open 26 July 2021. More information here.

Payroll tax support:

Eligible businesses can access 25% reduction in FY22 payroll tax. All businesses can access payroll tax payments deferred until 7 October 2021 and interest free 12-month repayment plans for deferred payroll tax. More information here.

Support for Commercial Tenants:

Landlords cannot evict impacted retail or commercial tenancies without mediation. These protections will last for the whole lockdown. Contact the office of the Small Business Commissioner for mediation services. Apply for mediation support here.



Government information on all non-health related Covid-19 enquiries: 13 77 88

A 24/7 hotline has been set up to handle COVID-19 inquiries including the latest updates on restrictions, cost of living assistance, financial support for businesses or rules around social distancing. Service NSW operate the hotline and it can be reached on 13 77 88.

Health enquiries relating to COVID-19: 1800 020 080

NSW Health COVID-19 information

Federal Govt COVID-19 Resources

If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

The new Disability Information Helpline for COVID-19

Free Call 1800 643 787

ServiceNSW and drivers licence renewals

Older drivers renewals: If you're aged 75 years and older and/or you're a low-risk driver you can request an extension by calling the Licence Review Unit (LRU) on 6604 9301 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday. Information about general renewals is here.

COVID-19 information in 63 languages

SBS has factsheets, videos and important information in a range of languages.

Advice for International Students facing hardship

Redfern Legal Centre has put together a factsheet for international students who need a range of assistance. 

Prescriptions and chemist delivery service

COVID-19 Home Medicines Service - a scheme to enable participating pharmacies to deliver medicines on PBS to patients. My Med Kit is an app to home deliver prescriptions and other pharmacy products. $5 delivery and delivers to Inner West. 


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