Jenny Leong MP calls for a COVID Safe Plan for Peaceful Protest

Following the extreme over policing of a small peaceful protest of students and teachers at the University of Sydney, Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP called on the Liberals to immediately implement of COVID Safe plan for peaceful protests.



On the next available sitting day I move that this House:

  1. Condemns the police crackdown on students, staff and activists on the campus of the University of Sydney.
  2. Notes the University of Sydney National Tertiary Education Union holds serious concerns about the heavy handed actions of NSW Police on campus.
  3. Notes the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sydney has written to the NSW Police expressing his concerns about the excessive police response.

  4. Confirms the right to engage in peaceful protest is an essential part of democracy.

  5. Urges the Minister for Health and Medical Research to work with the Chief Medical Officer to immediately implement a COVID-safe plan for peaceful protest and community action in New South Wales.

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