Don't Super Fund WestConnex

Contact your super fund today and tell them: #DontSuperFundWestConnex



We want our super funds to support healthy and secure lives in our retirement. But, what if the money in our super funds was contributing to the exact opposite?

What if our super funds were considering investing our money in polluting and unsustainable projects like WestConnex? What if our retirement money was helping fund the very things we're trying to stop from destroying our neighbourhoods?

On August 31, 2018, the NSW Liberal National government announced that the Sydney Transport Partners consortium led by Transurban had won the bidding for a majority share (51%) in the Sydney Motorway Corporation and WestConnex.

This successful bid has been underwritten by AustralianSuper and has the support of other superfunds like UniSuper which has its largest investments in Transurban.

Let’s make everyone’s future greener and cleaner by making sure our retirement money is not used to fund dirty tollroads.

Contact your super fund today and tell them: #DontSuperFundWestConnex


Write to AustralianSuper 


Write to UniSuper








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