Jenny Leong congratulates beyond best before campaign in Newtown

On behalf of the electorate of Newtown I acknowledge Beyond Best Before, a new grocery store in Newtown working to divert food from landfill. New South Wales produces 1.7 million tonnes of food waste annually. That is the equivalent of $965 worth of groceries per person in the State. Beyond Best Before is tackling this issue by sourcing food close to its expiry date directly from suppliers and selling it to the community at a discounted price. In many cases this would otherwise be destroyed by suppliers for whom the cost of donating it to those in need is higher than sending it to landfill. As grocery costs rise and we all seek ways to reduce waste, Beyond Best Before is an environmentally and socially conscious alternative to the big supermarkets, who are charging more and more. This is exactly the kind of initiative that we need more of in Newtown and throughout New South Wales. On behalf of the electorate of Newtown and the New South Wales Parliament I congratulate the Beyond Best Before team, Maggie Quach, Katie Quach and Michael Quach, on their work to reduce food waste and look forward to supporting their work for many years to come.

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