Jenny Leong thanks Palestine activists

On behalf of the Newtown electorate, I acknowledge the peaceful rally in support of Palestine organised by Palestine Action Group and Tzedek, an anti-Zionist Jewish collective, last Sunday 15 October at Hyde Park. More than 6,000 community members gathered in solidarity with the Palestinian people to solemnly mourn the rising civilian death toll and call for urgent de-escalation and an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine as the situation in Gaza worsens. Particularly in times of heightened tension, speaking out requires courage and conviction. I acknowledge the staunch and uncompromising activism and words of each of the speakers at Sunday's rally, including Josh Lee, Rand, Michelle, Ethan Floyd, Professor Peter Slezak, New South Wales Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Fahad Ali, Ramia Abdo Sultan. In particular I thank Sheikh Wesam Abdo; Suzan Wahhab, President of Palestinian Christians in Australia; and the Jewish community member who ended the rally peacefully, for the prayers from their respective faiths. I thank all who participated for their unwavering solidarity with and support for Palestine.

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