Media Release: Local residents arrested trying to protect Haberfield homes from WestConnex

IMG_1221.jpegMedia Release April 16, 2016

Two Haberfield residents were arrested this morning for occupying a home in Haberfield which is one of hundreds to be bulldozed by WestConnex.  The residents, Sharon Laura and Bill Holliday, had joined other locals in the home in an effort to stop the demolition of homes for the highly controversial tollroad. 

“Given the way the Baird government is ramming through this highly flawed project despite the masses of evidence showing that it won’t work and that it will be a social, environment and  economic disaster, the community has had to resort to this to protect their homes and environment, said Jenny Leong, Greens MP and spokesperson on WestConnex.

“Communities have a right to non violent resistance and to insist that the government spends our money on projects that are sustainable, clean and economically viable  - WestConnex is none of these  - it’s just a cashcow for developers and tollroad operators, said Greens candidate for Grayndler, Jim Casey who joined local residents and No WestConnex and WestConnex Action group campaigners in front the home that will be demolished.

“With over 20,000 submissions against the WestConnex M4East and New M5 plans, it’s patently clear that this is not a project that has any social license and all the affected communities will continue to resist this destruction, said Jenny Leong.

“I stand with the community in their actions because they are trying to protect us all from this social and environmental vandalism by the Baird government, Jim Casey said.

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