Make Rent Fair Campaign

I spoke on the need to end unfair no grounds evictions and The NSW Greens 10-point plan to make renting fair in the NSW Parliament on May 15 



"It is time to change the laws to end unfair no grounds evictions. After years of campaigning, The Greens know that much more needs to be done to protect the rights of renters. Today I will tell the House about The Greens plan to address the rental crisis and provide renters with more security. We have set out a 10‑point plan that will show the people of New South Wales how committed The Greens are to change for and genuine protection of renters. We want to see an end to no grounds evictions, cap rent by limiting rent increases to once per year and regulate to prevent rent increases beyond CPI. We want to improve the flexibility for tenants in cases of domestic and family violence. We want to ensure transparency, through the creation of a publicly available maintenance log and maintenance reports, for people seeking repairs from their landlords."

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