Meeting at Marrickville Council on Alice St Development

Last Monday I met with Marrickville Councillor Victor Macri and a staff representative from the council to discuss the Alice St development and community opposition to the development.

Councillor Macri went through the DA process in detail from the Council's perspective. As we know, the DA to increase the height of the Alice St development to seven stories is now in front of the Land and Environment Court. Councillor Macri made assurances that the Council will do everything they can as part of that process to represent the interest of the community.

In regards to the concilliation meeting at the site on July 21, it was recommended that residents be well prepared and arrange to have a range of people present clear and relevent arguments.

Documents responding to Greens Councillor David Leary's Notice of Motion will be released on the Thursday before the next Council meeting on July 21. Those documents will give the local residents some answers when it comes to what type of action by the Council has occured due to their complaints during the construction process. 

I followed up with Councillor Macri and the Council staff representative on when the Council would be arranging a meeting with the residents to talk about the issues during contruction. I will continue to press the Council and the Mayor to arrange an out of hours meeting with residents to discuss the ongoing issues in the neighbourhood due to the construction.

The Newtown Electorate Office will be keeping residents updated with any news. I was also very happy to join local residents for a photo last Friday and I look forward to seeing the photo in the local media. If there's anything that myself and the office should know, we encourage residents to get in contact so that our office can help whenever possible.

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