Moore Park Master Plan unveiled

The Moore Park ‘Master Plan’ has been released, mapping out the future uses and management of the parklands.

Moore Park is part of Centennial Parklands, the green lungs of our inner city. With 60,000 new residents forecast to be living in the suburbs immediately adjacent to Moore Park over the next 20 years, demand on greenspace and recreational space will only increase.

It’s urgent that we put in place protections and sustainable management practices on our existing parklands.

Have your say on the Moore Park Master Plan here.

The release of the Master Plan follows public consultation that overwhelmingly supported preserving greenspace and native flora and fauna, community uses, public and active transport, and protection of heritage.

The majority of public submissions strongly opposed further commercialisation or development in the parklands.

The Master Plan incorporates some of the positive recommendations of the public submissions, however there are still areas of concern.

Positives in the Master Plan

  • A focus on pedestrian access and cycling within the park and surrounding suburbs
  • An emphasis on public transport use for major events
  • Phasing out on-grass event car parking
  • A commitment to protecting Kippax Lake
  • Inclusion of heritage strategies
  • Development of a walking track around the perimeter of the golf course
  • Restoring the athletics field
  • Additional trees, particularly along perimeters


  • An emphasis on increased use of the Entertainment Quarter precinct for commercial activities
  • A lack of passive recreation space, as much of the parklands is set aside for paying users
  • An unwillingness to allow pedestrian access through Moore Park golf course, despite many successful international examples of public transit through private golf courses

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