NSW Greens submission on the Pemulwuy Project

The NSW Greens remain clear in voicing our concerns about the potential repercussions of the current Pemulwuy Project proposal on the community of Redfern.

Our submission to the Department of Planning on 27 October, 2017 focused on our concern about the current proposal to see 596 housing units dedicated to student accommodation in Precinct 3 of the development. We note that the Department of Planning & Environment has already approved a 6 storey dwelling that accommodates 154 students. We remain concerned at the extent of the already approved housing given there are a mere 62 units being dedicated to Aboriginal housing on land that has for more than four decades been dedicated to Aboriginal housing.

The Block is highly significant in terms of Aboriginal cultural and social heritage in NSW and Australia. It has a rich history of Aboriginal culture, activism and community building. This proposal comes at the end of many decades of plans and engagement by members the Redfern Aboriginal community to maintain and improve Aboriginal housing on this site.

In order to remain faithful to the history of the land and the promise of the project started in the 1970’s, the primary and overriding character of any redevelopment should focus on providing housing for Aboriginal people.


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