Save Marrickville Council - Stop the Forced Amalgamations


A week before Christmas the Liberal State Government announced its proposal to amalgamate Marrickville Council with Leichhardt and Ashfield councils. Soon after, it published its reasons and announced the appointment of a ‘Delegate’ to examine the proposal and report back to the Minister of Local Government by March 31, 2016.

The process involved in this plan to amalgamate the councils and the reasons behind it are both seriously concerning and seek to further undermine our local community's involvement in local decisions.

This isn't just stopping the NSW Baird Government from forcibly amalgamating our local council - it's about their bigger agenda - to remove local communities and local reprsentatives from decisions that impact us.

Think about what this means for democracy, development, services, jobs and more.

Here's what you can do to show your objection to this forced amalgamation - and express your views as to why you want to keep your local representation local.


We have set up a quick and easy submission form - it only take a couple of minutes to make a submission.

Or if you want to make a more detailed submission you can do so online at the Council Boundary Review website or by post to Council Boundary Review GPO Box 5341 Sydney NSW 2001.

Submissions need to be in before 28 February.

The only truly democratic way of deciding the issue is to hold a plebiscite, so that the people can decide the issue. It is clear from a recent Marrickville Council survey that this is not what residents want.

It is very disappointing that Labor and Liberal colluded to put forward the three-way merger plan back in November. By caving in to the State Government after a secret meeting with the Local Government Minister, the Labor Mayors of Marrickville, Leichhardt, and Ashfield have sold out their communities. The Greens will stand strong against forced amalgamations - and for strong locally representative councils.

One of the big claims being made for the amalgamations is the financial benefits, but even these are questionable according to Professor Brian Dollery, Australia’s acknowledged expert on Council amalgamations.

Help ensure our local council stays local - Make a submission now to Stop the Forced Amalgamation of Marrickville Council.

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