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Dear NSW Premier, 

We urge you to support the Transport Administration Amendment (International Students Travel Concessions) Bill 2020 to end the discrimination against international students by allowing them equal access to travel concessions.


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ACT NOW: Travel Concessions for NSW International Students

International students studying at tertiary institutions in NSW are not eligible for travel concessions.

Every student deserves travel concessions. No matter where they were born or the colour of their passport.

International students are under even more financial pressure than most - they pay the same unaffordable rents, the same taxes and the same other costs as any other student, but they also pay higher fees, can work less and don't get any support from the Government.

Getting a concession on daily travel could be the difference between being able to eat or not, being about to get to work or not. It’s a small change, with a big impact.

These students are a key part of our community and inject billions of dollars into the economy every year. We need to end this discrimination now. 

In 2006, The NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal found that excluding international students from travel concessions was racial discrimination. But rather than complying with the decision, the NSW Government passed new legislation to make travel concessions exempt from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act. That is not ok.

Help us change this now - sign the petition and urge the Premier to support our Transport Administration Amendment (International Students Travel Concessions) Bill 2020.






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