Tribute to Adam Goodes

The Greens stand in solidarity and support of Adam Goodes. We add our voice to more than 150 organisations and major newspaper outlets in a growing community response to say that the appalling treatment of Adam Goodes is not ok. 


Ms JENNY LEONG (Newtown) [4.22 p.m.], by leave: I commend the New South Wales Australian Labor Party for moving this important motion and I acknowledge the heartfelt contributions of members of the Opposition and the Government. I commend Premier Baird for his comments in support of Adam Goodes and for calling on people to stop booing. I sought leave to speak on behalf of The Greens to show that we also stand in solidarity and support in this Chamber and we stand connected with the community in response to the horrible treatment of Adam Goodes on the field. We in this Chamber join with more than 150 organisations and major newspaper outlets in a growing community response that says that this behaviour is not okay and that we stand with Adam Goodes.

It is unacceptable for Adam Goodes or, indeed, anyone from our community to be faced with racism and hostility for expressing their identity. It is deeply disturbing that Adam Goodes has received this type of racist and hostile treatment for expressing his Aboriginal culture and identity. Adam Goodes is a champion sportsman, a former Australian of the Year and an inspiring role model. Despite these hero-like qualities and achievements, it is clear that, like all of us, he is a human being with feelings. It should be clear to us in this Chamber, if it were not already, that no matter the strength and courage that people show in the community or on the field, racism has a real and serious impact on the lives of people.

The challenge to us as leaders in the community, having been elected to provide the community with guidance and leadership on issues such as this, is to stand up and take responsibility in shaping public opinion and public debate. It is a challenge that all members of this Chamber should accept: to show solidarity and stand with Adam Goodes and all those who face racism and discrimination in our community. We do so by being a part of the growing community that says that racism is not okay, it is never okay. As leaders we need to step up and, as we have today in this debate by saying no to racism, take back to our electorates in all aspects of our communities the message that racism stops with us.


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