We know that the measures announced by the state and federal governments to support individuals and businesses during the pandemic have and will help many people - but we also know they leave a lot of people behind.

The information regarding what support is available is confusing and sometimes contradictory. In some cases there are gaps that were not intended - or serious omissions that need fixing.

If you feel like you have been missed out or forgotten, we are inviting you to tell us your story. This will help set our priorities and also assist us in advocating for change so that no one is left behind during the pandemic.

For those of you who live in the electorate of Newtown, we may be able to assist with your individual situation - in which case someone from our office may be in touch directly via the contact details you provided here.

Please don't use this form if you have an urgent matter that needs attending to - see some useful contacts here for government and agencies, or contact details for our office here


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