Don't SuperFund WestConnex


We want our super funds to support healthy and secure lives in our retirement. But, what if the money in our super funds was contributing to the exact opposite?

What if our super funds were considering investing our money in polluting and unsustainable projects like WestConnex? What if our retirement money was helping fund the very things we're trying to stop from destroying our neighbourhoods?

Large multinational companies like Transurban are lining up to bid for the chance to own a controlling stake in WestConnex and more dirty tollroads throughout Sydney. But, they will only be able to do this if our super funds provide them with the financial backing using OUR money!

We're targeting these funds because reports have referred to the involvement of these funds, or investment bodies (IFM) connected to these funds, in the forthcoming purchase of WestConnex and the Sydney Motorway Corporation. 

We have the chance to disrupt the financing of WestConnex and stop construction on this eight-lane tunnel before it even begins by urging our super funds to withdraw financial support for WestConnex. Let’s make everyone’s future greener and cleaner by not allowing our retirement money to fund dirty tollroads.

See the letters we've written to the CEOs and Boards of some key Australian superannuation funds asking them not to fund WestConnex 

Australian Super 


Host Plus 


Media Super

You can contact your super fund here or write directly to your fund and tell them: #DontSuperFundWestConnex.


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