Duncan Gay, Minister for Congestion

The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Sydney is facing increasingly slow peak hour speeds. Greens spokesperson for WestConnex, Jenny Leong MP said that the Roads Minister Duncan Gay needs to shoulder the blame.

“This Roads Minister is so absorbed by his arrogant obsession with building great big dirty tollroads – like the $16.8 billion WestConnex - that he can’t see that this approach is actually causing congestion,” she said.

“When Sydney commuters pay their toll for the privilege for sitting in gridlock on their way to work, they can thank Duncan Gay.

“The Premier needs to step in before this incompetent and out of control Roads Minister does any more damage.

“Having a Roads Minister that is separate to the Transport Minister is ridiculous. We clearly need an integrated approach or we will continue to see gridlock in our city.

“The failure of the Government to consider real alternatives to road infrastructure is just repeating the same mistakes of the past, and causing our record peak hour traffic times.

“Sydney congestion will not be solved without an integrated approach and real investment in public transport,” Ms Leong said.

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