Funding for LGBTIQ Domestic Violence Research and Education Welcomed

Media Release – 10 September 2015

Yesterday the Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Pru Goward, announced that ACON will receive funding for research and education into domestic and family violence in the LGBTIQ community.

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said:

“Funding in this area is long overdue and very welcome.

“Domestic and family violence often coincides with other issues, such as mental health, substance abuse, gender identity and discrimination. We need to do much more to find holistic solutions to this complex policy area.

“We need solutions that support victims and prevent violent behavior from reoccurring. Research and education are the first steps in finding those solutions. 

“Many of the materials and resources currently committed to countering domestic and family violence are written with a heterosexual perspective. This can mean that people don’t realise that the problem exists in LGBTIQ communities. Or that victims of abuse can’t find resources that answer their particular needs.

“With this funding ACON can do research to find out what further support is needed within LGBTIQ communities to reduce the traumatic effects of this type of violence,” she said.

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