Latest WestConnex Changes Show Urgent Need for Inquiry

Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP, is again calling on the Premier to immediately step in to halt all WestConnex works until an independent inquiry can be undertaken, as the Roads Minister announces further changes to the $16.8 billion dollar project on the run.

"With this latest announcement of WestConnex changes there's some good news and some bad news, but one thing is very clear - the Roads Minister is making it up as he goes", she said.

"The good news for Camperdown – and for the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney - is that the exit/entry ramps have been scrapped with the M4/M5 tunnel link being moved further west. 

“It seems the idea of putting a tunnel under a sensitive nuclear medicine facility at RPA was not seen as a wise idea nor was the plan to push tens of thousands more cars daily onto Parramatta Road along with 30 metre high pollution stacks – especially right in middle of the new Urban Growth corridor.

"The decision to add another lane to what is already planned to be a mammoth polluting tunnel linking the M4 & M5 is bad news, especially for inner city residents. This will result in even more traffic being spat out in St Peters, Erskineville and on to the south end of King Street and threaten the stability of many homes and heritage buildings in Newtown, Camperdown, Leichhardt and Rozelle.

“This new tunnel will be the longest road tunnel ever built in Australia at 9.2kms.  At this length with no exits, there’s potential for serious complications when accidents occur in the tunnel – I’m not confident that Mr Gay has factored this into his new equation.

“With these latest changes one thing is very clear - and it's not the detail. The Baird Liberal Government is all over the place when it comes to WestConnex. They are letting the Roads Minister Duncan Gay construct this $16.8+ billion project on the run, making a further mockery of the already discredited planning process. 

“Is the Premier aware of how many significant changes have been made to this project since it was first announced and after planning approvals have been granted?

“It's time for Mr Baird to step in and put a halt to all WestConnex works until an independent inquiry can be conducted,” she said.

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