Women’s Health Specialist and WestConnex Activist Celebrated as Local Women of the Year

Women’s Health Specialist Roxanne McMurray and WestConnex Activist Pauline Lockie have been recognised for their work in their communities and will be celebrated as Local Women of the Year.

Each year the NSW Government recognises the outstanding contribution made by women across the state to industry, community and society. Local Women of the Year are selected by their local MPs.

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has selected St Peters resident and WestConnex activist Pauline Lockie as the Local Women of the Year in the electorate of Newtown. Pauline had lived in St Peters less than 2 months before WestConnex told her they planned to forcibly acquire her new home. Since receiving that notice, she has been connecting with, engaging and activating our local community to stop the polluting motorway from destroying our neighbourhoods.

Ms Leong says: “Pauline Lockie has worked tirelessly within the WestConnex Action Group to highlight the negative impacts of the project not just in terms of the impact on her neighbourhood, but the broader implications for Sydney and the liveability of our city.

“Pauline has coordinated community actions attended by thousands of people. She’s helped set up new WestConnex Action Groups across the city and has been a fierce and determined spokesperson on the issue. She’s been a driving force in the opposition to WestConnex, forcing the NSW Government to take seriously the strong community campaign against the polluting tollroad.

Pauline Lockie says: “This is a great honour, and it’s one I’m delighted to share with the many women in our community who’ve been working to stop WestConnex and demand better for our city. I thank Ms Leong for this award, which recognises the vital role grassroots community action plays in resisting WestCONnex and other developments that are not in the public interest.”

Member for Balmain Jamie Parker has selected Roxanne McMurray as the Local Woman of the Year in his electorate. Roxanne is the Manager of Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre. Many of Leichhardt Women’s services are focused on women experiencing disadvantage and annually over 21,000 occasions of service are provided.

Mr Parker says: “Roxanne’s skill as an administrator has ensured Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre continues to prosper as a respected and effective organisation in our local community.  She successfully builds partnerships and coalitions to serve the interests of women and their families locally and across NSW.

“Roxanne’s intellect , passion and sheer determination has led to real changes in public policy to support women and their families. Roxanne is a remarkable woman who has earnt this award and deserves the acclamation that comes with it.”

Roxanne McMurray says: “It’s wonderful that women’s health and the campaign to save women’s refuges has been recognised in this way, and I am surprised and really delighted. Women’s health is a speciality that improves women’s lives and has literally saved lives. We are part of a great network, and there’s always a lot to do, but we’ve seen over the last couple of years just how much the community understands the need for these services.”


Both winners and MPs will be attending the NSW Women of the Year Awards event at Parliament House on Wednesday 9th March at 9:00am.



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