MEDIA RELEASE: NSW renters need a rent freeze

Greens NSW MP Jenny Leong has backed federal Greens calls and urged the NSW Government to implement an emergency rent freeze to combat skyrocketing rent costs and the growing housing unaffordability crisis. 

Greens NSW MP and Renters Rights Spokesperson Jenny Leong said:

“Today we’ve written to the NSW Premier and Treasurer calling for urgent leadership in this cost of living and rental crisis.

“Freezing rents and ending no grounds evictions is one of the most practical things that this government could do to ease the pressure for renters.

“One of the most significant costs people feel in their day to day lives is housing, and we know renters are bearing the brunt of those costs because they’re being hit with rent hikes as landlords pass on increased interest rates. 

“The government can no longer sit on its hands as renters are being forced to make the difficult choice between rent they can’t afford or eviction.

“With more and more people renting long term, we need to give renters urgent protections against unfair, arbitrary evictions and skyrocketing rents.

“It’s time for the state government to intervene and put an end to the years of bad policy that have put landlords profit before people's right to an affordable home.”

Read the Australian Greens plan here.


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