MEDIA RELEASE: Urgent need to end to no grounds evictions as rents and evictions soar

There is a desperate and urgent need to end no grounds evictions, with new data released today showing that renters are being hit with record high rent costs and eviction notices.

Greens MP Jenny Leong last week gave notice of a bill to NSW Parliament that would end unfair, no grounds evictions and go some way to give renters much needed security. 

Greens spokesperson for Renters Rights and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP said:

“Ending no grounds evictions is an immediate fix that the NSW Liberal National Government can do right now to help renters throughout this state.

“More people are renting now than ever before, many of them likely to be lifelong renters. The rental crisis isn’t going to get better without urgent and immediate action from the government. 

“Without genuine protections in place for renters, increasing supply will just continue to line the pockets of landlords and real estate agents profiting from housing.

“Ending no grounds evictions is a simple solution that would make a massive difference to renters who are too scared to negotiate rent increases or ask for repairs because they live in fear of being hit with an eviction notice. 

“It would ensure that renters can actually have stability, security, and peace of mind and a chance to put down roots in their community. 

“The Greens' simple and practical Bill could put an end to unfair, no grounds evictions before the end of the year. 

“I’m calling on all members of the NSW Parliament to listen to the renters in their community, who are being hit with rent increases and unfair evictions, and vote for this long overdue reform.”


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