New WestConnex investigation increases pressure on govt

Yesterday’s announcement that the NSW Auditor General will undertake a second investigation into WestConnex puts the Berejiklian government under increasing pressure as the project again is scrutinized because of its huge costs, risks and the ongoing public interest in this project. 

“The investigation comes on top of this week’s Citigroup report showing that the Business Case predictions are out by 10% as well as news of the ICAC referral of the Darley Road dive site acquisition process by my colleague Jamie Parker,” Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex said today.

“The Liberals must be getting very nervous about this project given this new investigation.

“Will yesterday’s announcement be what Labor needs to finally convince them that this project is toxic and to commit to cancelling the contracts if they win the next state election?

“The NSW Auditor General raised serious concerns about the governance, finance and independence of the initial WestConnex Business Case in 2014.

“In 2017 the National Auditor General’s office showed that the rationale for funding this project was woefully deficient – surely with the announcement of a second investigation, the alarm bells are ringing for the backers of this project.

“There’s been an appalling lack of probity and good governance throughout the life of this project and proper process has been compromised all along the way,” Ms Leong said.

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