NSW Parliament commits to act to end sexual violence and harassment

A Greens motion has been unanimously passed in the NSW Parliament.

The Motion called on the house to:

  1. Acknowledge that the existence of sexual violence and harassment in workplaces including our parliaments is unacceptable
  2. Affirm support for people who have experienced sexual violence and harassment, and 
  3. Commit to acting to end sexual violence and harassment in this parliament and the community.


Jenny Leong MP, Greens NSW spokesperson for Women’s Rights said:

“This commitment from the NSW Parliament supported by members across the political spectrum is a vital next step following the March4Justice last week. The only way we can end sexual harassment and sexual violence in our society and our workplaces is if we do it together.” 

“The women of NSW have spoken. Survivors of sexual violence have spoken. We have had enough of the talk, enough of the delay. It’s time for real action.”

“That is why this motion is so important. It is a commitment from us all to do better. To fix our internal systems and to fix our laws.”

“It might be messy, it might be difficult and it might be confronting to make the changes we need, but that feeling is nothing compared to the horror of being sexually harassed or assaulted. That is why we need to act together.”

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