Premier Admits Shocking Acquisition Process But Leaves Hundreds Out Of The Fix

Premier Baird admitted today in Question Time that the WestConnex acquisition process has not been ‘anywhere near as good as it should have been’.

The Premier highlighted that he has appointed Michael Pratt, the Customer Service Commissioner in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, to oversee a new process that will ensure that those affected by the Stage 3 acquisitions will get a more generous and caring ‘world’s best practice’ process.

Mr Baird was responding to a question from the Member for Balmain Jamie Parker, who said:

“This admission by the Premier is troubling. While he’s stated what we all know about the disgraceful acquisitions process and announced a plan to offer a more generous and personal process for those losing their homes for Stage 3 – he has offered nothing to the hundreds who have already lost their homes to Stages 1 and 2.

“You can’t half fix a problem. We call on the Premier to ensure that Michael Pratt reviews all the compulsory acquisitions for WestConnex to guarantee that RMS has acted ethically and fairly.

“Many residents have felt swindled by this government and been forced to accept below market value for their properties through bullying tactics from the RMS.

“It’s commendable that the Premier has publicly stated that the Government’s process will be improved and made more ‘generous and caring’ but it’s appalling if this doesn’t address acquisitions that have already taken place.

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