Sydneysiders draw a line in the sand over Opera House bullying

In response to the bullying and corporate exploitation of one of Australia’s most significant and iconic public places - the Sydney Opera House, Greens MP Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown calls out the culture of bullying in NSW.

“I was appalled when I heard the CEO of the Opera House, Louise Herron, attacked publicly last week. This is about more than turning our beautiful public places into corporate collateral, this is about drawing a line in the sand and saying, enough is enough to the bullies in our community, she said.

“Tomorrow night Sydneysiders will get together and celebrate what is ours, what we love and what we are unwilling to sell. This is the place where we hear our stories, our songs and our debates, and I love the fact that it will be a light-based counter-projection event.

“The community has drawn a line in the sand with this event and to the Liberal and ALP’s capitulation to corporate bullying and the interests of the racing industry in this state.

“This over-reach on the part of the racing industry has raised three significant issues - the power of bullies in our community; the devastating impact corporate donations are having on our democracy and, the example this disgraceful incident sets for those dealing with bullying at school, online or in the work place.

“It was totally unacceptable to see Opera House CEO, Louise Herron’s employer, the Premier of NSW, throw her under a bus and tell her to do as Alan Jones demanded. And then to watch as Luke Foley, Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison – all chimed in and agreed that the CEO should obey Alan Jones - it was too much for me and for many thousands of others in our community.

“This is not a NSW Greens rally, it is a counter-projection celebration by the people of NSW defending the place they love.

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