Time to halt WestConnex Nightmare on King St

Following new revelations this morning undermining the over $15 billion WestConnex project – with the government’s own modelling showing the project will not ease congestion on Sydney’s roads – Greens WestConnex spokesperson and MP for Newtown Jenny Leong has called for a halt to this tollway disaster.

“WestConnex is shaping up as the Nightmare on King St parts 1 to 15 billion,” she said.

"No business case, no Environmental Impact Statement, significant sector and community opposition, a seriously flawed process criticized by the Auditor General, and now this?

"If the government's own modelling shows WestConnex is a dud, what has this $15bn project got going for it besides an out-of-touch and out-of-control Roads Minister?

“Potential investors conducting risk assessments on this project must be increasingly nervous about exactly what the Roads Minister is trying to sell them.

“A responsible Roads Minister would now halt any construction and tendering processes until the full Business Case, Environmental Impact Statement and all modelling are released.

“At the very least Minister for Roads Duncan Gay must immediately rule out a King St Clearway, which will damage local small businesses and the community.

"It's time to start asking whose interests the Minister for Roads serves: the people of NSW or lobbyists and vested interests?

“The Victorian government eventually saw the light and cancelled the East West Link in Melbourne. The NSW government should learn from their mistakes.

"When the Minister for Roads is clearly living in a fantasy land, it's time for the Premier to step in and scrap this $15bn white elephant before it's too late,” she said.

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