Turnbull Government’s Ongoing Failure On Housing

The Greens say the split between state and federal Liberal ministers highlights the ongoing failure of the Turnbull government to act on the housing affordability crisis.

Greens NSW housing spokesperson Jenny Leong said, "The NSW Planning Minister is finally telling it like it is, by saying publicly what the Greens and affordable housing advocates have been saying for years - that supply alone will not solve the housing crisis.

"We need serious policy change and commitment to tackle the big challenge of housing affordability. Mandatory affordable housing targets in new developments, more investment in public and community housing, and reforms to protect renters' rights all have to be part of the approach, as well as tax reform to address intergenerational inequality.”

Greens spokesperson for housing Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The Turnbull government does not have a single strategy or policy to deal with the housing affordability crisis at a federal level, so it is no surprise that Liberal state ministers are cracking.

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called for negative gearing reform back in 2005 when the Howard government were in office. Earlier this year it was reported he argued in Cabinet to tighten negative gearing concessions, but still there is no change.

“The Prime Minister’s failure to act on the housing crisis is the latest example of a government with no principles, no plan and no backbone. They refuse to acknowledge there is a massive problem here.

“Liberal NSW Minister Rob Stokes is right – the issue is not just years and years of chronic undersupply, but decades of subsidies to property investors and speculators. We all know that.

“The Liberal party understands that these tax breaks largely benefit the wealthy and that is why they like them,” Senator Rhiannon said."


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