WestConnex to decimate more of the Inner West

With detailed reports of two new WestConnex interchanges in Camperdown and Rozelle due to be released soon as part of the recent approval by Planning Minister Stokes of the M4 East,  NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex, Jenny Leong MP, called for a complete review of the project.  


“Again we see this mega road tearing into the fabric of local communities bringing untenable numbers of vehicles and dangerous levels of concentrated pollution from tunnels directly onto RPA hospital and Sydney University at Camperdown.  

“We will be writing urgently to the Ministers for Education and
Health seeking their views on the Road Minister’s plans to
deliver a massive toll road interchange right on the doorstep of the university and the Inner West’s major hospital.

“Far from creating livable cities, WestConnex will shatter any progressive planning for the Bays Precinct at Rozelle and Balmain and create havoc on the City West link and Anzac Bridge for decades, as Baird and Gay blithely push forward with this project that has serious and well documented flaws.

“The recent SGS report into the WestConnex business case has yet again exposed the thin veneer hiding the grossly inaccurate financial and traffic modelling assertions that the Baird government is trying to obscure from the public.

“We need the Premier to call an immediate halt to WestConnex and stop the decimation of the Inner West, the manipulation of commuters from the outer west and the short changing of all NSW residents, who will pay for this disaster for decades to come. 

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