Cat Protection Society of NSW

Read in Parliament on 5 May 2016:

"I draw the attention of this Parliament to the important work carried out by staff and volunteers at the Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc. currently located on Enmore Road, Newtown. The organisation has been desexing and rehoming cats since 1958. It now rehomes around 1,000 cats each year, desexes a further 2,000 to 3,000, and has a no-kill policy, ensuring every cat lives a full and happy life. As well as offering a rehoming service, the society is involved in community education and advocacy for pet friendly policies and better animal welfare laws and regulations.

I congratulate chief executive officer Kristina Vesk, feline services manager Nerida Atkin, the team of around 20 dedicated staff and the 150 or so volunteers who foster cats, staff the society shop, or care for the cats in the Enmore Road shelter. I thank the board members—president Kaye Isbister, vice-president Nita Harvey and directors Angelika Elliott, Sue Schreiner, Grace Tam and Guy Farrands, who also volunteer their time to the organization."


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